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My 'Dream' Research Project

Using technology to enhance the teaching & learning experience of dancers in Higher Education



My experience of dance education at both Performance academies and University involved very little use of technology. There was one unit during my degree - dance technology - that looked at using PhotoShop to create posters and how to choreograph for camera. I believe that technology could make the learning experience so much richer!

  • VLEs - links to websites, embedded videos, discussion forums, journal articles etc
  •  ePortfolios - to store and share choreography vids - reviews - inspirations - personal performances etc
  • Learning Technologies - in-class recording equipment, visualisers etc
  • eResources - video library - journals -

My Background


I have been dancing all my life, mainly studying ballet, jazz and contemporary dance. I have performed at many theatres including some of the more famous ones in London's West End. I studied dance academically as well as vocationally at Brockenhurst College, Millennium Arts (Professional Dance Academy) and at Middlesex University. Throughout my training I rarely used any technology - mostly it was to write up essays, give presentations and to watch videos (on tape!)

I currently teach Adult Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Classical Greek at a local dance school as well as choreographing dances for local shows and national dance competitions. many of my dances have been performed at 'All England Dance Competitions' and 'Dance Genre-Specific Finals'.


In my current and previous job role, I am responsible for the promotion of technology to enhance teaching and learning across Higher Education. As mentioned above, I rarely came into contact with technology, nor were my teachers keen on technology (emails were scary to them!). I have a great understanding of various eLearning Technologies including Moodle VLEs and Mahara ePortfolios.


What started this idea?

A friend of mine (with whom I trained for 5 years) is currently a lecturer at Middlesex university. It was over a glass of wine that I explained to her what my job was and why I do it. I asked her if she was aware of what learning Technology support was available to her - and unsurprisingly she had no idea!

I advised her to get in contact with her campus eLearning Support Officer for a chat to find out what was available.


Dance Interactive

Dance Interactive is the on-line home of Bedford Interactive Productions and Research, a partnership that has been pioneering the use of technology in dance education for over 20 years.