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Personal Profile

Learning Technologist with a First Class BA Honours Degree, a Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching in the Post Compulsory Education and Training Sector, and a Post Grad Certificate in Blended Learning Delivery.

Experienced user of Mahara, Moodle, Turnitin and their educational applications as well as the pedagogical implications of technology enhanced learning.

Other interests include social media, science & technology, history, archery and dance.


Education History

This course will expand your understanding of blended and online instruction and hone your skills in the implementation of instructional strategies. In week one we'll discuss what it means to be a virtual teacher, examine what training is available for educators, and explore what career opportunities exist today. In week two we'll focus on using data and tools effectively, as well as implementing (and perhaps creating) your curriculum. We'll then delve into key strategies for developing classroom cultures focused on collaboration, respect, and inclusiveness. In week four we’ll examine lesson planning strategies for increased student engagement and success. We’ll also discuss ways to differentiate instruction for all learners using data and feedback to guide the process. Lastly, we'll consider the role of the student, teacher, and parents/guardians in the virtual classroom. By the end of this course, we hope that students will have expanded their toolbox of instructional strategies that can be immediately applied in online and blended classrooms.

Emerging technologies are quickly gaining momentum in the field of virtual K-12 instruction. In this course we will explore how the latest trends in technology affect student learning and engagement. What innovative learning spaces and tools are available to instructors? How can instructors best utilize free and open resources to more deeply engage students in their learning? What impact can the use of emerging technologies have on student retention and performance? As a class we will discuss the possibilities and challenges of using technology in both online and blended environments. Learners will compare and contrast tools for use in K-12 instruction, as well as examine best practices for implementing and managing these tools. Learners will also consider the value of emerging technologies as they relate to social learning, game-based learning, and open content.

This advanced undergraduate course investigates the history of virtual education, explores innovative tools, and examines key issues related to K-12 virtual instruction, preparing participants to teach in the virtual K-12 environment.

Exploring the use of technology enhanced teaching and pedagogy. This course was SEDA ( accredited under the two certificates:

Aims of the programme * To provide initial training for practising and prospective teachers and trainers * To respond to the changing needs of employers in the lifelong learning sector * To encourage the growth of professionalism in the lifelong learning sector Courses * Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector * Planning and Enabling Learning * Assessment and Learning * Theories and Principles of Learning * Managing and Supporting Learning * Curriculum Design and Implementation for Inclusive Practice * Wider Professional Practice * Specialist Subject Study

Techniques: Humphrey, Graham, Cunningham, Skinner Release, Ballet, Matt Mattox Jazz, Street Jazz Modules studied: Cultural Diversity (1st), Dance Science (1st), Self & Performance Analysis (1st), Dance Technology (N/A), Art in London (N/A), Teaching Dance Technique (1st), Community Dance (2:1), Critical Analysis (1st), Jazz Dance (2:1), Performance (2:1), Repertoire (1st), Anatomy for Dance (N/A). Dissertation: Hypermobility; is it Detrimental or Advantageous to Today’s Dancer during Training? Conclusion: Hypermobility can be deemed advantageous to a dancer as long they have the strength and control needed to cope with the demands of full time training. However, if the hypermobile dancer does not have sufficient body control, they may become more susceptible to injury, thus disrupting their training, leaving them less prepared for a full time career in dance; in this case hypermobility would be deemed detrimental.


Employment History

Advising all staff on how to use technology to enhance the student experience...

Working inside the Learning Technology Unit – a part of the E-Development Centre for the University. Main roles include the administration of the Virtual Learning Environment, staff and student training, research and evaluation of technology to enhance the ‘Student Experience’ at the university and fielding enquires – offering advice and guidance. Projects to date have involved developing and writing an online ‘Student Guide to Turnitin’, research into E-Portfolios and the e-development of an online suite of study skills tutorials.

2007-2008: Southampton Solent University Working within the Marketing and Communications service within the Recruitment, Access and Partnerships team providing research and logistical support. Main duties involve designing and presenting research reports regarding Widening Participation and Education Liaison, maintaining databases, editing and writing web content specific to the department, events organisation, delivering Aim Higher and Solent Uni presentations and facilitating workshops with local schools and colleges as well as any other ad hoc research required by senior management.

FE teaching agency. Teaching various modules and courses at Salisbury College. Courses include the NVQ2 Exercise to Music, BTEC ND Sport and Exercise Science, BTEC FD and ND in Performing Arts (Dance Performance). Required to develop schemes of work, classroom resources and lesson plans. Ofsted standard – Grade 2 level of teaching.

Working within the college’s marketing team. Responsible for the sending and retrieval of information regarding the college such as course prospectuses, information leaflets, past, present and potential student information sharing, organising Open Day events, keeping the website current, responding to any customer queries, graduation information, local market research, labour market research and any other ad hoc research requests.

Coaching on Beginner courses & mentoring new members at either Target or Field Archery

Teaching regular Contemporary dance classes and occasional Ballet classes. Involved in the choreography of dances for shows and dance competitions. Have successfully choreographed dances that have been performed in the National Dance Finals. Others styles: Greek, Modern, Musical Theatre & Lyrical


Personal Development Courses

Explore the evolution of the universe, the future of astronomy & the role technology plays in new discoveries. What was the Big Bang? How do black holes work? Could there be life elsewhere in the Universe? In this course we’ll address those topics, as well as gaining some insight into how great scientific discoveries were made, and what's involved in scientific research.

A general introduction to the frozen planet, including the temperature in the polar regions; the energy from the Sun and the seasons; reading and understanding graphs and maps; and how the Arctic and Antarctic regions are defined.


Interests & Achievements

  • University:
    I was the first student to be awarded a First Class Honours Degree in Dance Science at Middlesex University and was the only student to be awarded a First in the Faculty of Dance in 2006. As part of my degree I was actively involved in the design, choreography, filming, research and testing of the first ever Dance Specific Fitness Test to be used by undergrad students to test their fitness.
  • Dance:
    I undertook a 3 year Professional Diploma in Performing Arts on a scholarship at Millennium Dance School, which included many performances in top London theatres including the Royal Opera House, Rudolph Steiner Theatre the Cochraine Theatre and the Britton Theatre during 1999 to 2002. I also gained one of the lead roles in the school's production of Mamma Mia and performed it at the Britton Theatre - part of the royal Albert Hall.
  • Choreography:
    Many of my dances have successfully been performed at regional and final competitions by dancers at Emjay School of Dance as well as during end of year shows. I specialize in Classical Greek dance (see my info here) as well as in contemporary dance (see here) and also adult ballet.
  • Archery:
    I have won many competitions including club, local, regional and national titles. I have a page dedicated to my archery that can be found here.

Work Skills

  • Using opensource and cloud-based tools in Education
  • Using social media for self promotion & professional networking
  • Creating and using QR Codes
  • The constraints and benefits of mobile learning and the 'Bring Your Own Device' debate
  • Knowledge of Online Pedagogy/Andragogy/Heutagogy and Online Assessment
  • Experience of Virtual Learning Environment training and administration
  • Theory of reflective practices in the use of ePortfolios (Mahara)
  • Working knowledge of Turnitin and GradeMark for Plagiarism detection and online marking
  • Usage and the creation of Open Educational Resources and their respective Creative Commons Licenses
  • Speaking to Academic Staff about technology and systems in terms that they understand
  • Appreciation for games-based learning
  • Experience of MMORPG and their applications in education such as problem solving, experiential learning and group work
  • Using Virtual Worlds to create contacts and 'attend' virtual events
  • Using VOIP and other software to assist with virtual conferences, meetings and classrooms

Other Information:

Full clean UK Driving License with use of own car, no criminal convictions, non-smoker and has a fully up-to-date CRB check. I have a keen interest in Sport and Dance and teach both contemporary dance and Archery at local clubs.



Here are a few of the conferences that I have presented at, along with initiatives that I support.

Mahara 1.4 Cookbook


I was a technical reviewer for the above book (written by Ellen Marie Murphy). You can order it by going to the PACKT website.


SEDA Awards

SEDA Awards

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