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Profile Information

  • First name: Adam
  • Last name: Kelly
  • Email address:
  • Town: Southampton
  • City/region: South
  • Mobile phone: 07540 648 553
  • Occupation: PhD researcher /Cricket Coach / Performance Consultant
  • Industry: Sport

Adam Kelly's portfolios

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Academic Goals

  • To publish some of my research from my PhD on pre pfermance routines in elite level cricket batting
  • To be BASES/ BPS registered sport psychologist
  • To present and publish my research at a variety of conferences and journals

Work Skills

A huge amount of determination and passion for my work to be of the highest standard and consistently look to improve my skills to the next level.

I have development an ability to understand and solve problems which can assist people, as shown in my recent achievements. 

I am developing my critical analysis skills to the PhD level where higher level thinking and analysis is expected.

Client reference

I was referred to Adam via Sport Solent to help me with my focus. For years, I had been rather inconsistent with my performance both during practice and when competing and couldn't understand why. Adam spent a few months helping me to recognise my strengths and more importantly my weaknesses ie, my focus would change depending on the various external influences and distractions. Together we worked on putting together a Pre-Performance Routine that incorporated breathing & imagery that would be performed in my mind everytime I shot an arrow. By repeating the same actions again and again, I was able to remove all emotion & doubt from my performance and become more confident in my execution. Now, even if I do a bad shot, I just ignore it and carry on as if it never happened. Working with Adam has now pushed me up to another level entirely, so much so I am now considered a contender in National competitions.

Adam's work ethic is second to none and is totally committed to his belief that he can improve your performance. I would recommend him to anyone! 

Personal Goals

  • To continually develop my coaching and performance consultancy profiles and skills.
  • To increase my work with athletes from a variety of sports, applying sport psychology techniques to improve their performance.
  • To enhance my work within cricket and developing players to from 'potential' to 'game changers'.

Personal Profile

I have a huge passion for high performance sport and have a passion for assisting people to achieve theri goals. As a performance consultant I employ an athlete centred approach, which encourages athletes to understand their own techniques, philosophies and how they can continually improve. This allows me to challenge athletes psychologically, technically, physical and philosophical, which creates a learning culture. This allows the athlete to take ownership of their mind and learn to control this during performance.

As a coach, my philosophy is to challenge athletes technically, psychologically, physiologically and philosophically. I employ an athlete centred approach, in both coaching and performance consulting which encourages athletes to understand their own techniques and how they can improve them. This allows me to create a learning culture for both individuals and teams within any sport.

Education History

September 2011 - June 2012

This qualification provided me with a variety of techniques and methods to understand, implement and develop my own research. I achieved a 2:1 in this qualification.

September 2008 - June 2011

Researched, designed and delivered lectures, seminars and one to one sessions for clients, peers, lecturers and assessors. Coached in a number inter city schools, who provided challenging but enjoyable sessions. Final year modules Sport Psychology (1st Class) Working with talented international hockey player who then was injured during the assessment stage. This lead to the use of injury psychology and enabling the athlete to overcome the injury. This has lead to working with another athlete on the talent athlete progamme at the university, which in turn has lead to being a Performance consultant on the programme next year. Biomechanics (2:1 class) Analysing the throwing techniques of dominate and non dominate throwing arms through 3D analysis. Performance Analysis (1st class) Analysing a national league baskeball team through sportscode software to enhance performance. High Performance Coaching (1st class) Leading a lecture on disabled sport (to the left of this page), worked on three different placements and now work for LCA coaching as a result of the placement. Dissertation (2:1 class) 'Exploring the 4W's of self talk within elite level fast bowling, Where, When, What and Why?' Worked with professional athletes during my dissertation. This required understanding of client confidentiality, ethics and protocols.

Address: East Park Terrance, Southampton, Hampshire

September 2000 - June 2002

Physical Education, Leisure and Recreation

Address: South Street, Taunton, Somerset

September 2000 - June 2001

Information Communication Technology

Address: South Street, Taunton, Somerset



  10th October 2012 Enhancing your spin bowling talent using sport psychology (Online Publication)  
  25th September 2012 Is pressure a myth? (Online publication)  
  22nd June 2012 Pre-Performance Routines in Sports (Online publication)  
Stopforth, Holder and Mwaagna 1st June 2012 Investigation into pre delivery routine in cricket batsmen (Conference Paper)  
 Stopforth, Holder and Mwaagna 21st May 2012 Purposed research in the use of pre performance routines by elite cricket batsmen (Conference paper)  
Johnson  21st May 2011 Exploring the 4W's of self talk in elite level fast bowlers, When Where, What and Why? (Conference paper)  
  21st May 2011

A multidisciplinary approach to a lower back injury in an elite fast bowler (Conference paper)


Academic Skills

During the last three years, my academic skills have improved dramatically and I have and will be continue to over the course of my PhD.

I have developed the ability to deliver high quality presentations and lectures at a variety of levels, from local non academics to professors in the field at national conferences.

This has helped me develop confidence in my ability to work within any  team and on my own as an individual towards a set deadlines. This is supported by my high grades in my degree.

The highlight of which is presenting my dissertation at the BASES student conference 2011, winning best individual presentation at the Hampshire Sport Science Conference 2011 and winning the Vicon Award for Biomechanics 2011. Further to this, I recently won the Graduate Intern of the Year award for Employabiltiy and Enterprise 2013 at Southampton Solent University for my work in designing and deliverying the universities first student development programme.

Personal Skills

The ability to intrigate into a team environment and work alongside a variety of personalities. This has been developed over years of playing cricket to high levels in a variety of different countries. The ability to take orders and/or lead teams whilsted prioritising work accordingly.

I feel a consistant need to improve myself and systems in which i  work within as a coach and sport psychologist (in training). This is supported with my academic success's of achieving high grades and as an athlete with my sporting success on the field.

Employment History

January 2013 - present

To provide the cricketers in the 1st XI squad with effective behavioural and psychological pre performance routines to enhance batting and bowling performance.

April 2011 - present

Planning, running and executing training sessions with senior playing members. Pre match preparation including warm ups, fielding drills, bowling and batting prep.

June 2011 - September 2013

Providing psychological support for athletes in the High Performance Academy. Team building for Top sports teams and for all the athletes on the scheme Assess and identify psychological strengths and weaknesses Design, plan and deliver psychological techniques to improve performance Mentor for any athletes on the scheme

January 2011 - September 2012

Planning session,running drills, nets and demonstrating skills. Batting, bowling and feilding coaching. Working alongside current professionals Kabir Ali and David Balcombe as well as ex professionals Chris Benham, Richard Browning and Richard Logan

Address: Southampton

May 2009 - September 2012

Running drills, nets and demonstrating skills. Batting, bowling and feilding coaching. Working alongside Ben Wellington, Keith Parsons, Richard Johnson, Paul Lawrence and Tom Wright

Address: Taunton

May 2010 - September 2010

Working with the 1st XI squad bowlers at the club. Challenging this group of highly talented players in areas technically, psychologically, physiologically and philosophically. Pushing an already successful team to new heights. West of England Premier League Champions 2010 – Undefeated

Address: North Parade, Bath

April 2010 - April 2010

Planning and running of training sessions for a team that includes several Hampshire women’s players. Enabling me to create a learning culture that challenges the players to improve every session. Women’s Cricket Southern League Division 1 Champions 2010.

September 2008 - June 2011

Running coaching sessions for a variety of schools around Southampton. Demonstrating skills and games.

Address: East Park Terrance, Southampton, Hampshire

Career Goals

  • To lecture in Sport Psychology / Coaching at undergraduate and post-garduate level
  • To continue to apply sport psychology techniques with clients
  • To continue researching within areas of sport psychology and applied sport psychology