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Six Month Reflection

My Knowledge at the Start 

At the start of the course I had  a limited knowledge of the design process within the construction industry. I have in the past hepled out my cousin who is a stone mason so I had a basic understanding of how things work on a building site, and from that I had gained a basic understanding and knowledge of certain building materials.


My Successes

Through attending as many of my lectures and seminars as possible and sticking to a strict and regimented independent learning timetable, I have so far managed to achieve 79% in the The Principles of Construction Technology unit, and have so far achieved a 77% in the first half of the Principles of the Built Environment unit. 


I had reservations at the start of the year of how I would find the construction side of the course as I was primarily more interested in the design aspect of the course, but as the unit of the Principles of Construction Technology unit progressed I found that I enjoyed it and found it very enjoyable. Further to this I also found that the knowledge gained from this side of the course aided the design aspects and made the process more enjoyable as I was able to put into practice this knowledge.


Going Forward


Going forward and looking towards the end of my first year and to the beginning of the second year, I hope to build on my successes to date by regimenting my independant learning further. 

One main thing I would like to work on is focusing within the studio sessions and trying to make more of the time and resources available to me within these sessions 

Hello and Welcome!

Hello there, I'm Rob and welcome to my E-portfolio!!

 I am currently studying towards my BA in Architectural Technology at Southampton Solent University. I have returned to study after a thirteen year break from education after a long and successful career as a pastry chef.

I look forward to the challenges that lay ahead of me, and hope I can bring some of the skills I have learnt within my previous career, such as effective time management, working well within a team and working to strict deadlines forward with me to help me become an effective and successful AT in the future.

On the following pages, you will find out a little more about what makes me tick and also find some examples of the skills and work that I have learnt so far in my university career that I hope to build on, improve and perfect over the coming months and years at university to ultimatley aid me in becoming an effective member of a design team in the future.

Rob's PDP

this is the space for my pDP


By attending all lectures and seminars, and completing all work set to me within deadlines and to the best of my ability, I hope to pass the year with at least 70%


By attending all lectures and seminars, and completing all work set to me within deadlines and to the best of my ability, I hope to pass the year with at least 70%


By keeping to deadline, attending all of the lectures and completing independant sudies around the lecture programe, I hope to achieve at least a 2:1 Ba Hons degree


Gain a full time job within the Architectural Technology sector

Completion date: 1 Sep 2016
Completion date: 9 Mar 2020

By completing a POP record of varied work to the highest quality, i hope to achieve chartered status within five years of taking my first ob within the industry.


By reasearching and reading other texts, journals and web pages around the material covered in the lecture programe, I will peice together and extensive and comprehensive assesment that I hope will achieve at least 70%


Become a student member of CIAT

Completion date: 10 Oct 2013

Through extensive reading of the material covered so far in lectures in the text books "Barry's Introduction to Construction Technology" and "Barry's Advanced Construction Technology" and gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the formative task set, I hope to complete the formative task to the best of my ability.


Hand in with good time and to a high standard, the "HUB" project for ARC 400

Completion date: 21 Nov 2013
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